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Stained Glass Summer

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

This summer the Church of England Digital Team came up with the wonderful idea of getting churches to share photos of their stained glass windows online using the hashtag #StainedGlassSummer.

I loved seeing all the images shared and joined in sharing a painting inspired by the baptistery window at Coventry Cathedral which I visited at the start of August.

An abstract impression of Coventry Cathedral's Baptistery Window

I was asked by a number of people in churches around the country of I could paint my impression of their stained glass windows. How could I say no to such wonderful requests.

Through August I created a series of paintings, both representative and abstract, of my visually impaired impressions of Stained Glass Windows. I wonder if you can identify which churches these belong to.

the 'Railway Window' at @standrewschurchtaun St Andrews Church Taunton by artist Clare

My impression of a stained glass window at Rochester Cathedral which includes a bridge

William Morris window at St Michael's Church in Tilehurst.

William Morris window at St Michael Tilehurst.

My impression of all saints church at Cotsgrave stained glass window

My impression of the stained glass in St David's Church on Caldey Island

My impression of the stained glass art Eton Wick church

abstract of St Edmundsbury Cathedral Creation Window

St Mary the Boltons:   

The crucifixion window by Craigie Aitchison

abstract painting of the window in the Chapel of St Thomas at Gloucester Cathedral

An abstract painting of The Frideswide Window at Christ Church Cathedral Oxford

My impression of st Paul's Penny Church window

Stained Glass of Reading Minster of St Mary the Virgin in Reading

My impression of the Western stained glass window at Liverpool's Anglican cathedral

Rose Window at York Minster.

Rachel was on tour with Berkshire Youth Symphony Orchestra at the end of August, playing in churches in Edinburgh, Paisley and Beverley. I painted my impression of windows at these locations as a way of celebrating the wonderful concerts.

I also created 3 paintings of my own designs which I could imagine as Stained Glass Windows.