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Special to God

My friend Jill Marsh asked us to share about how we're #SpecialToGod.

I'm sharing two paintings where I've placed myself, tiny in my wheelchair at the bottom of the painting.

In one I'm separated from the wild hills by a fence. That might feel negative, but actually it's a reminder that I can enjoy the hills from afar even if I can no longer walk on them. Actually I think I appreciate them more now than I ever did, they have a greater sense of awe and wonder. I'm also much more aware of God's blessings than before I became disabled. I appreciate the tiny insignificant things as part of the beauty of the world. The tiniest flower is not a weed to be removed but a blessing to be celebrated in the fabric of God's creation. This is true for every single one of us. And so to the second painting.

It's a similar scene but this time I'm with Mike and Rachel and there's no fence, no barrier. We are exploring the world and enjoying time together. These are the times when I'm especially thankful to God that these special people are my family. Special to God.... And so now I'm asking you.... What in particular makes you special to God?

Little Guy; Journey of Hope

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