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Updated: Dec 17, 2023

How to write a sonnet.

Shakespearean Sonnets are 14 lines long.

Each line is typically ten syllables, phrased in iambic pentameter.

Iambic pentameter is a line contains five iambs: two syllable pairs in which the second syllable is emphasized.

The rhyme scheme is:


Here's are some Shakespearean Sonnets I've written. If you have a go at writing one then please share them with me.

Twinkling love

My love for you be like a Christmas tree

Twinkling bright on the very darkest night

Yet oft I seem invisible to thee

As you wonder in your dream without sight

Why do I glitter, offering my soul

Optimistically facing your silence

Now the shine on my heart becomes but dull

And my mind loses the joy of your sense

Oh how my heart does hurt, is it breaking

Is it possible to survive this death

Of such an all encompassing loving

Relief would be brought on a final breath

And then I hear your voice and I smile

As we sit and lose ourselves awhile


Presents or presence

All I ever long for is your presence

Time spent simply hanging out together

No need for any expensive presents

No money needs be spent whatsoever

It is merely your company I love

A gift beyond monetary value

Connecting heart to heart deeper with you

Yet your heart seems to be hidden from view

Instead you shower me in these objects

I'm lost, as in a flock of noisy birds

Why do you make our love so complex

Submerging all of my emotive words

Let us stop and leave the world far behind

Then our hearts will be perfectly aligned


Turning time

Another year moving into the past

We unload painful shackles of regret

Memories solidify, now die-cast

All lessons stored safely, to not forget

Where will we next discover adventure

Time alone answers these questions we pose

Life promises collection of treasure

From seaside beaches or cool river flows

Together, without fear we will travel

Expecting all but the unexpected

Undaunted, knowing plans may unravel

We can change, we will not be dejected

This is your invitation to join us

Bring nothing considered superfluous


These are my favourite days of the year

When the new shoots glow every shade of green

Fresh spring days when the sky is crystal clear

Just longing to be noticed, to be seen

Daffodils reflecting bright yellow light

Bring smiles to faces long hidden away

Glorious sounds echo as birds take flight

They rise upon thermals warming each day

The world is waking and stretching once more

Readying itself for the new offspring

Next generations will tweet, squeak and roar

Such beauty and optimism they bring

We should take time with nature's majesty

Admiring and pondering the beauty

And some I wrote a few months back

Garden groove

Disconnected cherry blossom chasers

Spy psychedelic illumination

Rushing to beat all the other gazers

Who sit around stuck in rumination

Dancing in petals of every hue

Hearts collide as love starts coalescing

Bare feet bathing in cool refreshing dew

Celebrating Spring's glorious blessing

Tulips and daisies cheer from the borders

As dandelions observe from afar

Daffodils sway with nearby crocuses

Ivy thinks it's all a bit too bizarre

Life in the garden always on the move

Will you join in and discover your groove?

Nature's truth

Resplendent rainbows eclipse green auroras

Delicately fighting dark midnight themes

Birds sing lullabies inspired by flora

Love burns inimitable dancing dreams

Spaces develop as nature changes

Slowly fermenting forgotten fears

Mountains examine within their ranges

Bathing in rains full of stormy tears

Time elapses increasingly slowly

As truth obscures pure imagination

Stars that once sparkled now sad and lonely

Shine their precarious situation

Love betrothed now sadly disconnected

Looks to the light hopefully reflected

This is a double sonnet about abusive relationships, escape and recovery.

I Beg You

As you gaze into your coffee

I beg you, look at me

I feel less than moiety

My eyes tear, can you not see?

No rhyme or Reason given

For the distance of your heart

I've done all that you've bidden

But though together, we're apart

Please tell me what I need to do

I can be all that you need

How myself can I improve?

I'll go where'er you lead

No! This cannot be the end

I'll be a better girlfriend

One month later:

I daydream of surprising you

Beyond blue skies so clear

But every night dreaming of you

Thunderclouds appear

Warnings against second chances

Dance around my mind

You tested every patience

From that hole I have now climbed

I found my truth, my value

My soul is now in bloom

The constant chaos of you

Like roses I did prune

I face with joy the Twilight

Praising learning from your spite

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