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Reading's Last Gas Tower

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

This painting is currently on display at The Last Gasometer and Reading’s Changing Skyline exhibition at the Reading Museum Riverside Turbine House at Blake's Lock. My painting is also part of an online exhibition which will be an physical exhibition later this year.

The story caught the attention of the press including the itv meridian news. I was one of the artists interviewed, you can watch the piece below.

I've also written a couple of poems about the gas tower:

Gas Tower reflects

Memories of train travel

London to Reading

Architectural welcome

Dominating horizon


Our Last Gas Tower is coming down

The final of their form in town Once the Falcon chicks took leave

We knew there'd be no more reprieve

You may wonder what caught my eye

Industrial form may pass you by

But this structure welcomed us home

From long days out where'ere we roamed

Goodbye architectural beauty

You always framed sunsets for me

Flats may be a welcome sight

But many of us mourn your flight


Bringing together my paintings, poems and all the information about Reading's Last Gas Tower yesterday made me sad that perhaps I wouldn't be inspired by it again. That sadness turned into creativity though, so today I present....

Four gas towers in one day

As the sun appears above the horizon

Light glints on horizontal beams

Warmed metal creaks and stretches

Neighbours greet the morning

Blue skies touch both horizons

Promising sun kissed picnic lunch

Eager children play in freedom

Clouds watch on expectantly

The wind ominously changes

Ushering darker moody skies

Pressure increases exponentially

Released with shafts of power

As the day relaxes, turning to night

Shadows spread on structural stabilisers

Easing away all worries and cares

Filling our lives with hope

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