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Opening up to colour

Well or unwell

Creating or resting

Alert or exhausted

Pondering or sharing

Black or white

Life emerging

A year ago I was mainly creating in monochrome, secure in the stark contrast and the clean lines.

Over the last year my creativity has gained colour, both because I can see it easier digitally, but also because I've opened up more creatively, happier to share explorations of what I don't know.

What struck me as I created this painting was that the monochrome creativity may be striking, but it's also hard and bare. It takes less emotional energy to create but also shares so much less of me.

I create for me, as part of caring for my mental health; but it's also away of communicating with others, both to encourage creativity and to spark thoughts and discussions. This is why colour is so important to me now, because colours convey emotions.

These four paintings are an example of how I use colour to explore emotions.

And so I wonder...

Do you feel your emotions are organised?

Are you experimenting and exploring your emotions?

Can you balance your emotions?

And finally, reaching emotional maturity, can you integrate all your emotions?

Which of these feels most like you have n your best or worst days?

Which is talking to you?

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