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Love Unites

Lazy days together

Only loving each other

Valentines beyond a hallmark way

Every minute of every day

Unwavering trust

Never doubting this is enough

Inviting heartbreak

Tiptoeing gently for loves sake

Experiencing all life holds

Sharing and caring until we’re grey and old


This February I am exhibiting at the Love Unites Exhibition on Saturday 24th February 10-4pm and Sunday 25th February 12-5pm at St Luke's Hall, Erleigh Road. RG1 5LH. There will be lots of my heart and rainbow themed painting and prints available, and other paintings as well. It would be great to see you there.

Here are a few examples of my rainbow hearts.

I don't often write love poems but here's a poem written for the love of my life.

You left my precious heart

Where the trees all knew my name

Whilst bright sunlight was banished

Time and time again

Mellow moonbeams whispered

Gentle lullabies of love

As soulful symphonies rang out

Melodically above

Your words wrapped up in chocolate

Brought hope in many ways

Loving you might be like rain

On long hot summer days

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