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I can more than I can't

I can listen I can chat I can laugh I can advise (and it can be ignored) I can pray, paint, create and write I can volunteer and I can make a difference I can live life my way I can encourage others There are so many more "I can" things More than I ever imagined So many opportunities I can take More than I have the energy to accept I am blind I am fatigued I am in pain I am on wheels I am blessed .. When I lost my sight, my counsellor kept telling me "you may not see it now, but your life is not at an end and you have important things to do and give to others". I held onto this fact and applied it to the fact that Rachel needed a mum, even if I couldn't do many of the things I used to do for her. 7 years on and I still get frustrated at the things I can't do, but mostly I am incredibly thankful for the things I can do. This painting speaks of the darkness and the light in life, the journey up and down in ways never planned or imagined. It laments the limitations and celebrates the blessings. Where are you right now in this painting? How does this feel?

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