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Houses of Hope

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

In January this year, on retreat, I started drawing these imagined buildings in forests or by the sea. They were places I would love to go if they existed and were accessible. Six months later I've drawn over 90 of these drawings and have named them "Houses of Hope".

I have added colour to many of these drawings, Mike likes to tell me that they look much better when I've "done the colouring". Here are 9 of my coloured Houses of Hope, do you have a favourite?

Here are three haiku which have been inspired by my paintings

Houses of Hope

In every shape and colour

Opened for strangers

Breaking down borders

Travelling to safer places

Searching for a home

Houses provide hope

Rainbows shining in welcome

Shelter from the storm

My plan is to create a colouring book of at least some of them, though getting the right quality paper at an affordable price is a challenge,but watch this space. In the meantime I'm thinking of making a downloadable set for people to print as they wish to colour.

Would you be interested?

Update September 2022

I have more created 100 line drawings, and painted 80 Houses of Hope. You can see them all in this Album.

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