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As a writer, artist and ministry creative it is hard to make one website work for me. I have struggled to decide if I need an exhibition space or a book case, a shop or a catalogue, a blog or a newsletter, a creative zone or a writers notebook. Each of these would be brilliant in its own way for perhaps one aspect of my creativity, but wouldn't work for other aspects.

The whole square peg in a round hole problem has driven me to distraction. But I think I've developed a solution, creatively

Here on my website I will share my big news and updates including exhibitions, new books and ministry.

Then, on a variety of other online platforms I will share different aspects of my creativity with the handle @emmuk74

I would love it if you could follow me on Substack because it allows me to create newsletters if I need those in the future.

PS. I'm less often found on Blue Sky, YouTube, tiktok, threads and X if you are on those platforms, again with the handle @emmuk74

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