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Circles of Creative Healing

Over the last few weeks I've been looking back at my creativity in the first months of the pandemic, to review how I was feeling and how important creativity was as a way of dealing with the world turning upside down.

Today this one has really taken me back and I wanted to share it.

I vividly remember drawing this, circles and circles and more circles each linked to each other. I was missing people so much and I remember crying as I drew these one by one.

That might sound like a horrible memory, but it was cathartic and it was the start of me realising I needed psychological input to cope with the trauma that was coming up to the surface.

I am incredibly thankful for the way creativity helped me identify my need for help, enhanced by treatment, facilitated by recovery and has sustained me ever since.

And you thought it was just a bunch of circles.

Here are some other simple pieces of creativity which I created in those early days of the pandemic - creating these kept me going - that's the power of creativity.

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