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Be aspirational

"There's only one party to vote for if you're aspirational"

That was the comment that caught my attention in a local political discussion group on Facebook today.

Well I couldn't let that just sit there without a response; this was my reply.

A photo of me in the garden wearing my dark glasses and a black dress

I aspire to make a fairer society without any poverty in the UK or beyond

I aspire to equality of opportunities for everybody no matter their postcode of upbringing

I aspire to bring up my daughter to value love, justice, peace, giving and equality over money and possessions

I aspire to a future for our planet by halting climate change

I aspire to a community where the colour of our skin has no impact on how we are seen

I aspire to caring for the disabled, sick and elderly with respect and dignity

I aspire to care less about the state of my bank account than the state of my heart

I aspire to be known for who I am and not what I have

Is that what you mean by aspirational?

In which case I think you have a number of parties to choose from, but possibly not the one you were suggesting.

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