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Alt text examples

As a blind person I'm committed to providing alt text descriptions on images I share. For the most part that's not too bad, I just type out any words and a brief description. But when I'm sharing my own abstract art it's really tricky to describe it because I can't actually see the whole image.

When I need alt text on artwork I don't just want a plain description, I want to feel some of the meaning of the art. Some people like one, some the other. Since my preference is both, I describe partly what I hope I've created and partly what I think I created.

Below I will share a few examples for you to read, I'd love to know what to think.

Digital painting 8/7/22

I've painted a digital sea scene using bright rainbow colours. The sky is stormy with swirls of purple, red and pink. The top of the sea is turquoise and yellow, licking up to the sky. As the sea moves to the foreground it becomes quieter and darker, reflecting some of the sky rainbow colours. To the middle right is an outcrop of rock, dark against crashing pink waves. On the rock sits Little Guy watching the storm knowing he is safe from harm.

Digital painting 1/7/22

An addax antelope, with huge horns curved upwards, stands in the foreground so we can see its head and shoulders. It is silhouetted against an orange sky, dark at the bottom and getting lighter as you look up the painting. Behind the nose of the addax is the low sun with rays of bright white light shooting out at every angle. A celebration of the summer solstice.

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