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Advent Hope

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

Each day through advent 2023 I will share a painting and haiku poem here and on my socials.

Advent Hope Day 1

Hold onto your Hope

Blessings still wait to be found

Even on dark days

Today is the start of Advent, a period of waiting. But in reality we've been waiting all year long; waiting to feel peace and joy, waiting for a fairer, more equal, less hostile, more understanding and hopeful world.

Sometimes we won't feel hopeful, in fact there may be hours, days or even weeks when hope feels unattainable.

But instead of waiting for hope

how about we keep an eye out for hope

keep expecting hope to emerge

if only a glimpse of a glimmer.

So I wonder...

What glimmer of hope can you find each day of advent?

I will be sharing a new painting and haiku every day through advent on the theme of hope. I would love it if you joined in by sharing a piece of your own creativity. It might be a painting or a poem, a photo or a thought, a word or a question.

No pressure, no expectations, just sharing glimmers of hope around us.

Advent Hope Day 2

Harvesting hope each morning

Noticing blessings all day

Giving thanks each night

Advent Hope Day 3

Jesus beloved

Reminds us that we are loved

Born to love others

Advent Hope Day 4

Thirsting for truth

Peace, freedom and justice

Cups runneth over

Advent Hope Day 5

Everlasting peace

Beyond all understanding

Make me a channel

Advent Hope Day 6

Step by step

We travel together

God with us

Advent Hope Day 7

Through every moment

I am with you, loving you

Do not be afraid

Advent Hope Day 8

Light in the darkness

Comfort during anxious times

Angelic visions

Advent Hope Day 9

From darkness came light

Fulfilling God's promises


Advent Hope Day 10

Remove judgements

Strip away expectations

God's love purifies

Advent Hope Day 11

Restore my soul

Refresh my faithfulness

Reclaim my calm

Advent Day 12

Take a deeper breath

Stilling yourself completely

In oceans of peace

Advent Hope Day 13

Every journey starts

With just one single step

God's path will lead you

Advent Hope Day 14

Patiently waiting

Accompanied by angels

Jesus knew to nap

Advent Hope Day 15

Stronger together

Truly Interconnected

Through prayer and praise

Advent Hope Day 16

Hanging onto hope

Clinging to God's promises

Seeking better ways

Advent Hope Day 17

May the light of love

Shine across the whole wide world

Through words and actions

Advent Hope Day 18

Make generous space

For those in the world without

Hating each other

Advent Hope Day 19

Discovering faith

Eliminating fear

Gathered up in love.

Advent Hope Day 20

Following the star

Knowing a welcome awaits

Guided every step

Advent Hope Day 21

Angels bring us hope

Peace to the People of Earth

Glory be to God

Advent Hope Day 22

Lights shining brightly

Christmas blessings full of love

Jesus: gift for all

Advent Hope Day 23


Jesus born on Christmas morn

God with us, as us

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