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You look well....

"You Look Well" that's what they say I know they mean to brighten my day But inside a little bit of me dies Because no one sees the pain inside The pain within my muscles and bones But more than that, of feeling alone With all these symptoms taking in turns At making every movement burn The invisible stuff Which strangely enough Has a much greater impact On keeping life intact The only people who really see Are my very closest family They see the tears of pain and hurt The shaking hands if I over exert The endless naps and barely functioning They know the signs of exhaustion approaching On these rare times you see me out It's a good day, I'm putting on the act Of apparent wellness From this chronic illness So, please know, that here inside I'm on this roller coaster ride So thanks, I'm glad I'm looking well But inside it's some kind of living hell


Consider this a warm up for my upcoming book "Dormiveglia" full of poems and art about my experience of Long Covid.

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