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Caring for Creation Art Installation

On Friday 30th July my Caring for Creation art installation was launched in Reading Minister as part of the YCCN residency in Reading.

Photo from left to right: Chloe, Emma, Wendy and Sonya

Below is the link to the video of my Caring for Creation art installation launch at Reading Minster. Rev Sonya introduces the evening, I am then interviewed by Chloe Brimicombe, the installation is shown and the wonderful Nicole is singing. The installation is on in the Minster every lunch time until Friday 6th August.

I also launched the sets of postcards which I'm selling to raise money for Christian Aid and Tearfund The sets of 40 cards provide the paintings on one side and their respective poems on the other side. I wouldn't want to tell you how you could use them but they might be wonderful prayer resources for individuals or small groups, could facilitate conversations about climate change issues, or could be sent to politicians to ask them to take action about climate justice issues. Or you could just enjoy them as they are.

The sets are £5 each and they'll be available tomorrow after the service in the Minster and if there are any left after that then directly from me.

Then on Saturday 31st July I attended the climate service at Reading Minster.

You can watch this service led by Bishop Olivia with music, poetry, prayers, 8 of my Caring for Creation haiku poems (start at 45 minutes) and the blessing of the boots on the Minister's YouTube channel

These are the Haiku I read, one from each section:

A lot of hot air Around climate change issues Whilst the ice caps melt Hot spots of damage Dislocated from the cause Harm beyond our sight Plastic filled oceans Endangering wildlife Time to really change Coral Islands wilt Left exposed, unprotected Beauty fades away The planet's no hero Regeneration limits Might have been breached Balancing actions Is compromise possible Or does Green fight Greed Ideas emerge Converge, strengthen, expand Greater than their parts Care for creation A task for every nation Together let's act

The general page about my Caring for Creation Art is found here

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