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Berkshire Vision Art Exhibition

On Wednesday evening Berkshire Vision organised a one night only art exhibition at Reading School showcasing the amazing and inspiring art created by their partially sighted, severely visually impaired and blind members including me. Some of the art was created in pottery workshops, some at home through an amazing scheme by The Base Greenham in Newbury; most was created at or after the workshops I led in April, May and June. Lots of my digital, tactile and physical art was on display as well.

It was a wonderful evening with people from all over the county coming to see the art and encourage the artists. I even said a few words about the joy and importance of creativity for everyone.

Mayors from across the County came as well as artists from the Reading Guild of Artists, friends and trustees of the charity.

I have loads of photos from the evening; here are some and a little video I've created to give you a snapshot of one of the most inspiring, encouraging and uplifting evenings,

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